• Master Plan News:  The Master Plan was unanimously adopted by the Planning Board | Final Master Plan document posted.


 The Master Plan was unanimously adopted by the Planning Board on March 10, 2020
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 Maynard Master Plan (FINAL) document now available
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 The Second Community Survey Results Now Available
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Master Plan Schedule

Maynard Master Plan Schedule

This Master Plan process is estimated to take 12 months, including periods for public and other stakeholder input. The first phase (data collection and existing plan review) takes about 2 months and informs the development of the baseline conditions analysis, which in turn, supports the creation of a preliminary vision statement and set of goals by Master Plan Element. These second and third phases occur over a combined period of 7 months. Over the remaining three months, upon confirmation and approval of the baseline analysis and vision/goals, a list of community-specific recommendations is prepared and vetted and a prioritized implementation plan is designed. There is some overlap among phases.

All the above is developed in conjunction with ongoing stakeholder input. Public forums for this Master Plan are identified in Month 3 (intent is to present and confirm the baseline analysis), Month 6 (intent is to present and obtain feedback on the vision statement and goals), and Month 10 (intent is to present and obtain feedback on the recommended actions and implementation plan). Special outreach events are planned during major community events such as Maynard Fest. The Master Plan Steering Committee will drive the process; they will meet every other month and provide input at key milestones throughout the planning period.

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