• Master Plan News:  The Master Plan was unanimously adopted by the Planning Board | Final Master Plan document posted.


 The Master Plan was unanimously adopted by the Planning Board on March 10, 2020
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 Maynard Master Plan (FINAL) document now available
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 The Second Community Survey Results Now Available
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The Master Plan Elements

Town of Maynard Master Plan adopted!

This information was developed utilizing readily available data and information – including past and current planning activities; input received from the Town’s Administration, Boards, and Committees; and feedback obtained from the public and stakeholder engagement process. Goals and related recommended actions were vetted by the Master Plan Steering Committee and through community touchpoints such as the public meetings and online community surveys.

Maynard Master Plan (FINAL) (Adobe PDF, 36.0MB)

Vision, Goals and Policies

Draft Vision and Goals (Adobe PDF, 0.2MB)

  • Vision Statement
  • Goals and Policies

Land Use

  • Introduction
  • Historic land use patterns
  • Maynard’s Land Use Geography: Neighborhoods and Features
  • Zoning
  • Managing Land Use and Community Design
  • Future Land Use Vision
  • Recommendations

Transportation, Circulation and Parking

  • Introduction
  • Regional Context
  • Transportation Network
  • Parking Demand
  • Future Conditions
  • Recommendations


  • Introduction
  • Population and Household Characteristics
  • Key Findings and Statement of Needs
  • Housing Trends and Needs Assessment
  • Housing Production Plan recommendations
  • Recommendations

Economic Development

  • Introduction
  • Maynard's Economic Profile/Conditions
  • Previous economic development plans
  • Recommendations


  • Open Space and Recreation
    • Introduction
    • Regional Context
    • Open Space and Recreation Needs
    • Recommendations of Recreation and Open Space Plan
    • Recommendations
  • Natural, Cultural and Historic Resources
    • Introduction
    • Regional Context
    • Natural, Cultural and Historic Resources in Watertown
    • Environmental Challenges
    • Resource Protection

Facilities, Services and Partnerships

  • Introduction
  • Maynard's Local Government
  • Education
  • Water Supply and Wastewater Management
  • Solid Waste and Recycling
  • Stormwater
  • Public Safety
  • Community Services
  • Public Health
  • Recommendations

Implementation/Action Plan

  • Summary of Recommended Actions
  • Capital Improvements
  • Matrix (Actions, Responsible Parties, Timing, Funding)