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 The Maynard Master Plan's Second Community Survey Ends Nov. 14, 2018
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 The First Community Survey Results Now Available
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The Maynard Master Plan's
Second Community Survey
Ends November 14th

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Welcome to the Maynard Master Plan Update

What is a Master Plan?

Documents and illustrates what a community looks like today and what direction it has decided it wants to go for the future. Learn more »

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A Community Meeting is being held on October 10th at the Maynard Library starting at 6pm.
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Survey Results

Thanks to all who contributed their opinions regarding various aspects of the Master Plan update.
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Get involved in
Maynard's Master Plan Update

Seeking public input for Maynard's future.

The Town of Maynard has embarked on an approximately twelve-month planning process to update the town-wide Master Plan. The Town is planning for an engaging process where residents, businesses owners and local stakeholders will help shape the ideas and recommendations in the Plan. Learn more below and see how you can get involved in this process.

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A Master Plan:

  • Documents and illustrates what a community looks like today and what direction it has decided it wants to go for the future; it includes assessments of existing resources and issues, projections of future conditions and needs, and consideration of collective goals and desires.
  • Is a policy guide and provides a framework for future land use decision-making and the physical development of the municipality. It will not only address buildings and infrastructure, it will also include the important social, natural resource and economic values of the community. The Master Plan is a method of translating the community's values into specific actions.
  • Covers an approximate time frame of 20 years; it is assumed that shorter-term reviews will keep it current with the changing needs of the community.
  • Is closely integrated with other municipal documents and initiatives.

The Master Plan is NOT a zoning ordinance, a subdivision regulation, a budget, a capital improvement program or other regulatory document. It is meant to provide the framework for the development of these implementation tools.

What is involved in preparing a Master Plan?

  • The Steering Committee will be overseeing the Master Planning process
  • Public outreach and meetings
  • Data collection and analysis that will ultimately be rolled into the Master Plan document
  • Preparation of the chapters of the plan (sometimes called plan elements)
  • New implementation plan

Information and data are gathered from the prior planning studies, while current views and opinions are being collected through community events where residents are invited to provide inputs. Other sources include data provided from government-level census and mapping data provided by one of the consulting teams.


Residents (2010 census)


Land Area (sq. mi.)


Town incorporated


Master Plan Completed

Maynard Master Plan Sections

The Master Plan will include a range of chapters that will address the Town's needs over the next 15-20 years.

Vision, Goals and Policies

The Vision Statement will articulate the long-term vision for Maynard and will highlight some of the major issues and opportunities that will need to be addressed in the next 20+ years.

Land Use

This chapter provides an overview of the Town's current land use patterns and will include recommendations and guidance on how the Town might preserve, grow and change land uses in the future.

Transportation, Circulation and Parking

This chapter will summarize Maynard's existing traffic network and will assess the various transportation modes the Town offers now and in the future. Walking, biking and transit will be explored, in addition to understanding vehicular traffic opportunities and constraints.


This chapter will provide a summary of the Town's housing stock and will assess the need to supplement that inventory with future housing choices. Key to this chapter is understanding demographic changes, household incomes, and employment.

Economic Development

This chapter will provide a summary of the Town's economic profile and seek to understand how the Town might strengthen its economic base by looking at jobs, income, and local and regional employment opportunities.


This chapter will address Maynard's natural, cultural, and historic resources, identifying goals and strategies to preserve and leverage these important town-wide systems.

Public Facilities and Services

This chapter will outline goals and actions related to Maynard's public facilities, such as the Town Hall and Library. The recommendations will look at ways the Town could maintain or expand services that are provided to the community.

Implementation/Action Plan

The final chapter will provide a summary of the goals, actions and recommendations so that the Town will be in the position to advance the Master Plan over time. Timelines, priorities and champions will be identified for each recommendation.